Smart Ways to Speed Up the Download Process on Android

Smart Ways to Speed Up the Download Process on Android

Ever felt a nuisance while downloading something? It certainly feels very annoying.

Apparently, not only the internet connection that provokes speed when downloading on Android. Hardware and other software usage, too, influence.

How to techniques to speed up downloads on Android.

Please note that in order to speed up downloads, you must install AndroGET on the Google Play Store.

Step one, open the ‘Settings’ with the gear icon, which is in the upper right corner. Click ‘Advanced’ to arrange the proxy and others.

Click Check Mark

When finished, click the check mark at the top right to save the changes, and click the ‘X’ to cast the changes.

AndroGET has the advantage of being a browser on Android. When watching the download link, long press and select ‘Share Link’ and click AndroGET.

Download Confirmation

Next, AndroGet will ask you to confirm the download.

If you need a password, click ‘Credentials’ and enter some information like email and others. If not, click ‘Download’ to confirm.

If you want to know the progress, open the notification by touching the screen from top to bottom. Finally, long press the current download to delete, pause or cancel it.

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