How to Knock Someone Out

At this point, I would also like to issue a warning and mention that in the event of a street fight, significant injuries may occur or even lead to death.

Also as crazy as it sounds, you can learn how to knock someone out with pressure point

That’s why you should avoid (if possible) disputes in public and stay in wrestling matches. Incidentally, what happens with a knockout hit in a person’s body can be read here again.
The weak points of the body

The Human Body has vulnerabilities at very specific points that can quickly override you. If you hit one of these points, then you can make it, that the opponent goes down with only one blow.

Your strength and size do not really matter so much – having strength is good, but it’s not that important.
KO by a knock on the jaw

If you intend to knock your opponent KO in one go, then the jaw is a very good target. The human jaw is weak and relatively prone to beatings.

With a precise stroke, it can happen that you contract a jaw fracture. Even in amateur fights, it is not uncommon for the jaw to break one or the other.

The likelihood that your opponent will go to the Punch KO after a blow is not 100%, but still quite high. It’s best to use the left hook, as Wladimir Klitschko likes to and often does.

The prerequisite for a precise and clean left hook is that you have a firm footing and a good boxing technique. Try to hit the jaw directly under the ear, as it is the weakest there. Crucially, good timing and the negligence of your opponent.

When he has his hands up all the time, it’s hard for you to hit the jaw. Wait, observe and use your chance at the right time, otherwise your blows will only cover its cover.
The chin

If your opponent keeps his cover up all the time, then it is – as already mentioned – nonsensical to meet his jaw. The hooks would all go to the skull and not achieve much effect.

So we come to another point where you can knock your opponent KO in one go – the chin.

The chin is also part of the jaw and is relatively often unprotected in most cases. A hook to the chin is also possible and the probability is high that your opponent goes through a good hit KO.

The best way to use your straight fist to the chin, since the hit rate is highest here. An uppercut is of course possible, but this requires a little more experience.
Solar plexus KO

The solar plexus is a point in the thoracic region and a bundle of nerves. Most do not even know that such a point exists in their body and neglect their coverage here very often.

This vulnerability is also difficult for experienced boxers to protect and can provide a neat surprise. Decisive for a KO at the solar plexus is a good timing, a precise stroke and a maximum force.
KO by a hit to the liver

Especially with novice boxers you can see quite often that they hold their hands too high and the liver is completely open. It’s like a public invitation for you to hit and hit your opponent in one fell swoop.

But beware: Often your opponent recovers very quickly from a direct hit to the liver if your strike was not 100% accurate and strong. Therefore, practice your technique on the punching bag and learn how to better hit the liver.

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